Energy Saving Devices

Room Energy Control System

with Functional Devices' Wireless Control Solutions


  • Fast ROI
  • Maintenance Free (no batteries)
  • Promotes LEED certification
  • Setup in minutes
  • Easy to use
  • Minimal installation cost
  • Independent savings (no central system required)

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How it Works

Wireless Room Energy Control System

Room Energy Diagram


  • Fast return on investment
  • Maintenance free (no batteries)
  • Promotes LEED certification
  • Setup in minutes
  • Easy to use
  • Minimal installation cost
  • Independent savings (no central system needed)

System Components

  • Wireless Control Relays
  • Models RIBW01B-EN3 & RIBW02B-EN3
  • Model WKC-EN3
  • Solar Door / Window Switch
  • Model WDWS-EN3

Solution #1

  • Control Relays

The wireless keycard switch is powered by EnOcean’s® “energy harvesting” technology that converts the slide of a plastic keycard into a small amount of electricity. This electricity is used to transmit a wireless signal that communicates to Functional Devices’ EnOcean® enabled wireless relay that is controlling the power to the HVAC unit in the room.

When the access card is placed in the Key Card Access Switch, the room is enabled, thus activating the room’s HVAC unit. When the occupant leaves the room and the access card is removed, the room will deactivate and the HVAC unit will turn off or go into set-back immediately, preventing the room’s temperature from moving outside a preferred range.

Using Functional Devices’ energy saving system in retrofit applications can provide a relatively quick and easy energy savings solution for hotel owners and managers who wish to quickly establish control over rising energy costs.

Solution #2

  • Solar Door / Window Switch
  • Control Relays

If a hotel room has a patio door, even more energy savings can be realized with the Wireless Magnetic Door / Window Switch. When the patio door is opened beyond the contacts of the door switch, a signal is transmitted and the wireless relay will deactivate, disabling the HVAC unit. The HVAC unit will be disabled as long as the door is left open disregarding any signal from a thermostat calling for the room to be cooled or heated. When the patio door is closed the power will be activated and a thermostat will regain control of the HVAC unit.

Solution #3

Combining system components can facilitate more complex solutions which may involve lighting control in combination with HVAC control. Please consult our sales staff for customized kits.

Did You Know?

Information from ENERGY STAR® Building Manual 12: Hotel and Motels

Wireless Technology

  • Energy Savings
  • Flexibility of applications
  • Time-savings
  • Maintenance-free
  • Cost-savings in installation, maintenance, renovation and energy use


Interoperable Wireless Standard

Interoperable Technology and Products - HVAC, monitoring and lighting control systems are readily available and wide-ranging. Functional Devices' EnOcean® enabled wireless devices can prove to be interoperable with many other 902 MHz EnOcean® enabled devices. This increases flexibility for building owners, operators and architects.



Energy Harvesting - Functional Devices' EnOcean® enabled solutions make use of energy created from slight changes in motion, pressure, light, temperature or vibration. The self-powered wireless devices help make buildings smarter, safer, more comfortable and more energy-efficient. No batteries - building professionals and end-users can now realize the promise of battery-less and wire-free control systems. Because they are anchored by self-powered transmitter switches, buildings are more flexible and cost-efficient to design, build and operate.


Proven Technology for Sustainable Buildings

Tried, Tested and True - EnOcean® enabled wireless devices have been installed in over 250,000 buildings; making it the most pervasive and field-tested wireless building automation standard in the world. The wireless standard for sustainable building - from retrofitting older structures to designing new buildings is incorporated in all Functional Devices EnOcean® enabled wireless devices.

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